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Businesses need a solution that meets their requirements and will scale with their business. US-VoIP's Communications platform has a state of the art feature set, but because it is hosted it is upgraded with new features all the time. Which means you constantly get new features added to your phone systems and you constantly get new features to differentiate your offering in the market place.

Basic Plan

  • Hosted PBX1-2 Endpoints
  • Virtual Paths2
  • Monthly UsageLimited
  • Phone Numbers1
  • Voicemail1-2 Accounts
  • Low International Rates
  • No Contracts!
$20 /EP /Mo

Economy Plan

  • Hosted PBX3-5 Endpoints
  • Virtual Paths5
  • Monthly UsageUnlimited
  • Phone Numbers1
  • Voicemail3-5 Accounts
  • Low International Rates
  • No Contracts!
$25 /EP /Mo

Deluxe Plan

  • Hosted PBX10-15 Endpoints
  • Virtual Paths15
  • Monthly UsageUnlimited
  • Phone Numbers3
  • Voicemail10-15 Accounts
  • Low International Rates
  • No Contracts!
$30 /EP /Mo


US VOIP's Cloud phone system is a flexible solution for any business. Whatever your business requirements are, we can build a package to meet your needs and power up your productivity. Phone and Service bundles are also available to save you more money.


Session Initiatian Protocol

Session Initiation Protocol or SIP for short is a signaling protocol used primarily for setting up communications within an IP network. SIP is an important component in the service that US-VoIP offers.

The role of SIP within an IP communications network is to allow callers to easily locate their targeted recipients, and deliver session invitations effectively regardless of where the end users are located or what devices they are using. Its purpose is actually quite simple, but characteristics of the technology make SIP particularly powerful when used in conjunction with other protocols. Currently, SIP is the de facto standard protocol for establishing, manipulating and terminating VoIP communication sessions.

SIP excels in situations that require the following:

  • Locating and getting in touch with call participants, even as they switch locations or end user devices
  • Establishing communication sessions which involve various media types such as audio, video, or collaborative multimedia
  • Dealing with calls involving multiple participants that can hop in or out of the conversation

  • These scenarios reflect the several basic functions of SIP:

  • Locating users by translating their current network addresses from their SIP address
  • Adding, transferring, or dropping participants
  • Negotiating features so that participants in the session can agree on what will be supported among them
  • Allowing for changes in features in an ongoing session

  • Why a Hosted PBX?

    The VIP-PBX Business VoIP System is ideal for quick startups with immediate benefits. Take into consideration.

    • Redundancy and Up-Time
    • No User Control Over Features
    • Hardware Reliability and Replacement
    • On Site Tech Support
    • Backup and General Server Maintenance Tasks

    Never lose a call with our External Call Forwarding! If your internet goes down, our system already knows.

    • Be assured of 99.9% Up Time
    • 24/7 Remote Emergency Support
    • No Need to Replace Hardware
    • No Expensive Maintenance
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