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US VOIP Helps you communicate with the world

US VOIP understands the need for businesses to connect in a way that is inexpensive, scalable and flexible. Through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and innovative service offerings, US VOIP brings the ability to reduce telecom expenses to businesses of all sizes, enhancing existing telecom infrastructures and maximizing voice and data communications capabilities – all through a single pipe from a single provider.

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Small to Medium Size Business

At US VOIP, we understand that SMBs are continually looking for ways to increase profit margins while keeping up with technology and efficiently communicating within their company as well as with suppliers, partners and customers. SMBs can realize an immediate cost savings of up to 70% over the cost of traditional communications networks when they deploy SIP Trunking. The reduction in cost per minute for communications provided by SIP Trunking gives SMBs a rapid return on investment when compared to traditional TDM / POTS offerings.

US VOIP SIP trunk solutions enable SMBs to achieve the benefits of VoIP / SIP Trunking no matter what their existing infrastructure. The unique design of the Broadvox communication network provides business continuity during and after migration to IP communications. SMBs can deploy a SIP Trunking network quickly, gradually adding features that provide the most benefit while enjoying the cost savings and productivity enhancements made possible with Unified Communications.

US VOIP has been a leader in the SIP / VoIP service revolution for years, satisfying customers’ unique requirements for reliability, scalability, and interoperability with customized solutions and implementation.