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Businesses need a solution that meets their requirements and will scale with their business. US-VoIP's Communications platform has a state of the art feature set, but because it is hosted it is upgraded with new features all the time. Which means you constantly get new features added to your phone systems and you constantly get new features to differentiate your offering in the market place.

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US-VoIP voicemail ensures that your company will never miss a customer call.

Recieve email notificatons with voice message attachements

Your US-VoIP account provides you with several greetings for each extension to welcome, direct, and inform your callers. Greetings include a master/directory greeting and individual welcome and voicemail greetings, all of which have a default setting so you can use your account right away. You can easily change greetings by phone and through your online account, and you can record and store as many as you like in your online account (e.g., out of office greeting, vacation greeting, etc.). You can even have your greetings professionally recorded and then upload the voice files in a .wav format to your account.

Why a Hosted PBX?

The VIP-PBX Business VoIP System is ideal for quick startups with immediate benefits. Take into consideration.

  • Redundancy and Up-Time
  • No User Control Over Features
  • Hardware Reliability and Replacement
  • On Site Tech Support
  • Backup and General Server Maintenance Tasks

Never lose a call with our External Call Forwarding! If your internet goes down, our system already knows.

  • Be assured of 99.9% Up Time
  • 24/7 Remote Emergency Support
  • No Need to Replace Hardware
  • No Expensive Maintenance

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