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Polycomm Entry Level

Polycomm Soundpoint IP 335

The look and feel of the Polycom 335 is more or less identical to that of the 331. The coloring is exactly the same—silver on black. The 335 also has the same hard and soft keys setup as the 331. You will not find as many dedicated hard keys on the 335 as you would on some of Polycom’s more expensive models because there’s much less room to work with. However, Polycom covers most of the bases pretty well with the space they have and the use of context sensitive keys. The 331 often at times was difficult to read the display when office ceiling lights happened to hit the screen in a certain way. The Polycom 335 now has a backlit LCD display that remedies the problem entirely. The dedicated 2.5 mm headset port has been replaced with a dedicated RJ-9 headset port. This means better headset quality. With affordable IP phones that support wideband, more and more people will be able to experience first-hand just how good their calls can really sound. Hopefully products like the 335 will shift HD voice froma perceived luxury to the industry standard.

The Polycom 335 is a very good entry-level VoIP phone that delivers the same fantastic voice quality that Polycom’s executive class phones are known for. This phone is perfect for businesses that are on a budget but still want to take advantage of the HD wave sweeping the VoIP industry.

Polycomm Executive Level

Polycomm Soundpoint IP 550

The Polycom Soundpoint IP 550 is a 4-line SIP phone that supports wideband audio, more commonly known as 'HD voice' (G.722 codec). It has all the call handling features you might expect from a business phone, including some others like bridged line appearance, distinctive incoming call treatment, and remote missed call notification. Chances are that it has so many capabilities that you’ll discover new ones months into using the phone. Some other features include a giant 320x160 backlit LCD screen, 4 context sensitive “soft” keys, 24 dedicated “hard” keys, a full duplex speakerphone, and an XHTML browser for customized applications.

The Polycom 550 is one of the best phones sitting in our labs. It delivers the best in handset and speakerphone voice quality, a glossy 320x160 backlit LCD screen, and more features than we can cover.